Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Days 17 & 18 - shadows and reflections

Yesterday, I noticed that many of the Yellow Loosestrife flowers had fallen and were decorating the grass underneath the plant.  My plan to take photographs of them there was hastily revised because the flowers are also lying below the Bottle Brush plant, which is in bloom and full of bees and wasps!  I gathered up a few of the flowers and beat a hasty retreat, because I am a coward where wasps are concerned.

This, then, is the alternative version.  What really appealed to me about them is that the flowers seem to fall without damage or without being withered - they look perfect.  It was also in the evening and the sun was bright but the shadows were long.

# 17/365

I was torn between the shot of the loosestrife and one of a sycamore seed that was also taken yesterday evening, in the bright sunlight.  The texture of the seed and the evening shadow that was cast were very satisfying.  The colours in the Loosestrife finally won me over so I used that one, but go on, have a look at the other as well!

Today's photograph is processed using the lomo effect on picnik.  This afternoon we had a thunderstorm and although the sun was bright and warm by the time I arrived home, the washing line still had a line of droplets.  

I took a couple of shots and was really intrigued by the way that the reflection of the yellow plastic line gave the larger drops a solid looking base, and made the smaller drops look as if they were moulded into the plastic.  I don't often get frustrated by my lack of skill in photography, as I enjoy the whole thing and am quite philosphical about my abilities.  This is one time, however, when I really wanted to be better.  

Anyway, this has been cropped and lomo'd (I don't think that's  a word, by the way).

# 18/365

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