Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Days 6 - 11

Having spent the weekend plus a day or two relaxing and doing very little other than reading, sleeping and taking pictures, it's now - as we say here in NI - back to porridge!  So with my first day back at work behind me, I'm spending a little time sorting out photographs and here are my shots for the last few days.

# 6/365 - Sweet pea.  A small bunch of beautiful, fragrant flowers from my in-laws' garden.

# 7/365 Bog meadow - part of a bog habitat in Carnfunnock Country Park.

# 8/365 - I give you summer hours - the beautiful, weathered face of a sundial in Carnfunnock Time Garden.

# 9/365  - the picnics are over, at least for this rather sad, abandoned table.

# 10/365 the sun peeping over the old wall in Carnfunnock's walled garden, casting the shadows of the plants and highlighting the remains of the metalwork embedded in the bricks.

# 11/365 - Spice
The subject for today's shot came to me while I was thinking about making our evening meal, and the ingredients I needed for it.  The spices here include cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and a mixture called Ras El Hanout, a North African spice rub which has various ingredients including rose petals.  I wish that I could have captured the scent as well as the colours.


  1. Whoops sorry, I looked at this yesterday then forgot to comment!
    They're all good but I really like the brick wall with the metal hook in it. Flighty xx

  2. Thanks, Flighty. I have quite a few shots of that wall - the colours of the brickwork and the textures in it are great. There are other kind of metal bands that are embedded in it as well.